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Why sell now? How much is my home worth? How long will it take to sell my home? How do I maximize my sale price?

A Home Owner’s Guide

Don’t leave the sale of your family’s most valuable asset to chance. My role as your REALTOR® is to make sure that you and your home are well-prepared so that you achieve the best outcome from the sale of your home.

Why sell now?

Real estate in the greater Halifax area has been undervalued for years.  In 2019 the market started a correction.  If you bought your home before 2019, you are in the enviable position of having paid some of the lowest prices for a single-family detached home of any major city in Canada.

You probably have questions like:

Let’s answer these questions in this step-by-step approach to Selling My Home. 

How much is my home worth?

To determine your home’s listing price, I perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

How long will it take to sell my home?

As part of your CMA, I will provide you with data showing how long comparable homes were on the market before they sold.

How do I maximize my sale price?

Pre-listing preparation determines the success of the sale of your home. During the pre-listing phase, I will advise you

What documentation do I need?

The sale of your home will require a combination of documents unique to its characteristics. 

I look forward to explaining which documents your listing requires and the purpose each one plays in the successful sale of your home.

Working with the Real Estate Industry
Residential Input Form
Seller Designated Brokerage Agreement
Equipment Schedule
Property Disclosure Statement
Utility Statements

What is a buyer’s objection?


A buyer’s objection is the statement of a personal preference or the identification of a material defect to justify withholding or terminating an offer.


An objection can be as simple as a preference for a paint colour or as serious as the identification of a failed electrical system. Objections due to clutter, necessary repairs, cleanliness, pets, and neglected landscaping are all preventable.

what clients say

Fergus Fadden

Happy Home owner

It was a pleasure working with Chris to buy my first home. His professionalism, expertise and excellent advice helped to make me feel at ease with the whole process. Chris is a gentleman and a first rate realtor. I highly recommend his services.

Gavin Giles

McInnes Cooper - Board Director/Partner

Chris Musial is a senior and knowledgeable player in the real estate business. Smart, well educated, highly experienced in a variety of businesses, and in touch with the market. Selecting him to sell or assist in buying will be a smart move.

Josh Oostenbrink

Carley Granger

Chris helped me and my wife buy our first home before ever setting foot in Halifax. He took the time to get to know what we wanted and kept a lookout on the market for us and was very receptive to our many questions. He was extremely professional, warm and unlike many other agents out there, absolutely genuine in his desire to help us find the perfect home. He has a great network of amazing people that also helped us, from legal to mortgage brokers and we count our lucky stars that we had him to guide us through the market, and what would work for us and our budget. We know exactly who we will go to for our next place. There is just no one we would trust more!


How can I get started?

Don’t leave the sale of your family’s most valuable asset to chance.  Sell your home professionally with a licensed expert. 


As a licensed REALTOR®, my priority is to guide you through the process of buying or selling your home to achieve your best results. 

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